Quick Thinking And Garden Blocks Saved This Guy’s BMW’s From Hurricane Harvey-Houston


Well Hurricane Harvey hit us harder and made more of an impact than we thought! We planned for 1′-0″ of water in the garage but we received way more than that as you will see in the video(over 3′-0″). Follow along as i try and save all 3 cars.

image/text credit: TEXAS E36 Garage

There was no saving the house but could lessen the blow by saving the cars.This man from Texas used his trailers, garden blocks and jack stands in order to save his BMW X5 and 2 M3s from the Hurricane Harvey Floods.

He figured the taller X5 SUV would be ok in the relatively minor flooding expected in his area but was worried about his two M3s being doomed to a life of rust, nasty smells and strange electrical gremlins that would result from even a modest flooding.

Sadly, the water kept coming and coming. When Crochet realized the flood would reach above the projected one foot mark, he turned to garden blocks to raise up the red M3.At least it seems his cars survived to give him some joy while he embarks on the long process of insurance claims (If he had flood insurance at all) and repairs to the house.

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