Goat Lifeless, Refusing to Eat. Then Rescuers Find out Why He’s So Heartbroken


Special friendships can bring an inexplicably deep joy and bond in life. Nobody on earth knows you better than your truest friends.

As humans, we think we’re the only ones that can understand the meaning of friendships. However, many animals exhibit the bond of closeness with others that we hold so dear.


Take Mr. G, the goat, for example. In 2014, he was rescued from an animal hoarder by Animal Place in Grass Valley, California.

While at the sanctuary, Mr. G was depressed and lifeless. Even worse, he refused to eat for six days straight.

No one at the welfare group could understand why he was in such a rut. Soon, his rescuers realized why he was so heartbroken.

Mr. G’s donkey friend, Jellybean, was relocated to a different sanctuary at the time of their rescue. The two buds had lived together for years and were now separated for the first time.

The gloomy goat was longing for his best pal. Animal Place knew they had to do something about this problem, so one of the volunteers drove 14 hours roundtrip to retrieve Jellybean.

This would be the first time the organization took in a donkey, but they knew it would make everything better for Mr. G. In a YouTube video provided by Animal Place, it captured the moment the pair was reunited.

Within 20 minutes of the reunion, the billy goat’s personality had completely changed. For the first time, Mr. G was up and running around.

He even started eating again and shared a meal with his friend. It was as if he “could barely believe that Jellybean was there.”

Mr. G was finally back to himself, thanks to Animal Place’s generosity. Certainly, animals form friendships just like we do, and Mr. G and Jellybean have found that special friendship in each other.

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